Response to “arcade recycling”

I think this video is very interesting. This video illustrates that thinking creatively no matter how silly an idea may sound may lead to successful inventions that not only benefit you but also your society and many other societies in general (depending on the invention). This video, after being presented to us in class, totally changed my perspective on thinking creatively as it taught me that the silliest ideas that come to my mind could actually be the most innovative once implemented. Clearly, the scamper method was truly helpful and this video proves that it could bscampere implemented in many different life situations whether personal,social or related to business matters.


One response to “Response to “arcade recycling”

  1. I totally agree with you. SCAMPER is very important to teach people how to reach the best ideas and solve their problems. Before learning SCAMPER, I do not know how to think or from where should I start to get an idea, but really it is so helpful. Also, the idea in the video is so creative and it was just a test, but the people liked it and interact with the machine which proves the success of the idea.

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