Response to “Kenyan Boys Invention” video.

This an amazing video that shows how the inventions of a simple child could save lions in Kenya from extinction. This kid’s brilliant idea not only saved the cattle ,his farm and the people living it but also the lions themselves. This video also shows that a very very simple idea could dramatically affect our environment and the mammals living it. All we have to do is to think and care for our surroundings and to start applying our thoughts. There is not a single scientist that ever came up with this idea. This proves that facts and data aren’t all that matter when it comes to invention ; however, creative thinking, motivation and perseverance are the key aspects when trying to invent something new that could help others.


One response to “Response to “Kenyan Boys Invention” video.

  1. As you said, inventions do not need for books and refrences; it needs different way of thinking, the need to slove a problem. If people use their creativity to solve their problems and get their needs, of course we will face no problems in the future.

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