Reflection on last class

Last class was very interesting and informative. We were presented with different videos that explained the difference between cool ads and dull ones and the common features a successful ad should have. We were also told that advertisers should be very creative and ads in general require days of brain storming and thinking in teamwork in order to come up with the most convenient idea. I also learned that teamwork is applicable in many cases as we were told that teamwork is an important key in advertising. When brainstorming ideas for ads, advertisers could use the SCAMPER method which would be really fun and reliable. In this particular lesson, I’ve learned that all the methods we practiced so far are applicable in many real life situations and was proven applicable in advertisements. Here is an ad  which i found particularly enjoyable and got me hooked up for the new iPhone 6.


One response to “Reflection on last class

  1. I also liked the class, it was my first time to meet a person working in ads career, and I really liked this career. Creativity is found in all fields of life, in any career, so all the people can be creative. Also creativity is so simple that everyone can think of.

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