response to “creative confidence” video.

This is an awesome video that discusses the importance of creative confidence when searching for creativity. Creative confidence is the key to thinking creatively, when the speaker mentioned the story about his friend in high school, he told us that after the mentioned incident, this boy never participated in such projects afterwards. This tells us that this boy did not have the required confidence to tell the girl that he did not care about her negative critique, instead he gave up on himself and felt humiliated. Had this boy had the courage to stand up to her, he would be a much more confident and creative person today. Self doubt is like a disease, it kills of many opportunities and we human beings feel regret whenever we miss decent opportunities. Therefore, without confidence, creativity is almost impossible to reach.


One response to “response to “creative confidence” video.

  1. You are right. The speaker gave the best example of disappointing students and ignoring their new thoughts and ideas. If we really can stop that act we can have more developed world.

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